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There was a woman, Gabriella Teggia. I have not known her, but it certainly left a part of his soul to the coffee plantation in Magelang, which she was able to bring back to life by devoting her last years of her life.

An almost centennial plantation whose production is exclusively sold to the hotel.

Gabriella lived in Indonesia since 1965, I read that she was the owner of the prestigious hotel Amandari in Ubud, before devoting herself to her plantation and her hotel Losari Coffee Plantation, named from  her hometown in Italy. She spent 10 years travelling Java in search of authentic Javanese houses she would take to Magelang. The hotel's warehouses are still full of the treasures she unearthed.

The 23 villas that make up MesaStila drown in the deep jungle, on the slopes of a hill favourable to the plantation. From the heart of the hotel, you will be left contemplating  in front of the Mount Merapi and the other volcanoes that reshape the horizon.

The swimming pool offers the best point of view  for the surrounding environment. The Spa sumptuously inspired by the large Ottoman’s bathrooms cannot be ignored, especially when night falls at the sound of the muezzin. Go and visit as well Borobudur at sunrise (45 minutes trip).

Now called MesaStila, the hotel is a destination in itself, a surprising step before going to Bali.

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Small wooden bridge, green waters. Water and lotus flowers. On both sides, the Joglo going through art galleries.

One enters the shadow, blinded by the shimmer of the sun on the sea, the enveloping freshness awakens the reason and the senses: as a theater with perfect dimensions: reception, bar, lounge and restaurant rotate around the central stage where there is a monumental Garuda. Dance and gamelan are played regularly. On a side we see a painting that freezes time in a Wayang Kulit in black and white. The drape of staff falls just right and the foot barely touches the ground, a scenic and ancient choreography.

All Indonesia meets in each section of the wall, furniture, object, veil, gesture; one conductor, Anhar Setjadibrata certainly hotel owner but also physician, lawyer and above all collector.

« We are coming to see the Museum » says an Indonesian visitor.

21 suites, some with private pools, one on stilts, they all tell the story to the traveller. We are in Canggu. For a long time kept away from the crowded beaches of the south, this village has now become the « trend corridor » of Bali, vibrant new places that open their doors every day. Tugu Bali, a haven of modern times, the memorial  – « tugu » – a culture, plays with the plurality of genres: space lounge at the beach, fusion cuisine to JI, a Chinese temple dating back to 300 years ago, traditional cuisine in the theater room, private dining rooms, and tables by the pool.

Blitar, Malang, Bali and Lombok are helpers of the place where Setjadibrata erected his hotels to exhibit his passion.

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A volcanic island, immense coconut trees on the slopes of the mountains cascading toward the beach and the blue water. Lombok steals the place of the protagonist from her neighbor, Bali, lacking of the much sought after seaside attractions to end a trip to Indonesia.

A few minutes by boat, the Gili islands are acclaimed by a vibrant and tireless youth they are worth a visit for its coral reefs and crystal. On the northwest coast, along a white sand beach and crystal clear sea, extends Tugu Lombok, facing the sea and Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in the Indonesian islands.

36 bungalows, suites and villas, some with swimming pool, share 6 hectares of coconut trees, lawns and gardens, and even a swimming pool of 30 x 10 meters. A golf course with 18 holes and the surrounding fields leaving the gaze to wander in the distance. Like in Tugu Bali, all Indonesia meets in each section of the wall, furniture, object, veil, gesture; one conductor, Anhar Setjadibrata certainly hotel owner but also physician, lawyer and above all collector. Blitar, Malang, Bali and Lombok are helpers of the place where Setjadibrata erected his hotels to exhibit his passion.

In Lombok too, the centuries-old buildings, an unexpected drama, charged, and colorful.

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De Klumpu Bali (7 units only - 1 bedroom Suite and 2 bedrooms Suites are available) will certainly fulfill your desires by providing you the most welcoming Suite that inspired by Balinese structural design. The building uses wood for most of its part and foundation, while the roof is made from hay.

Located at Undisan village, Bangli area, Bali, the hotel embraces 25 acres of landscape, among the rice field will let you experience the tranquil retreat, luxury of Bali natural resources through the exquisite of cuisine amenities and breathtaking scenery.

A place where the green field grow, a place where a lot of excitment and adventure awaits. A fully Balinese immersion allowing ones to experience the rural life of that untouched and remote area.

From there, you can reach Besakih temple in 20mn., Ubud in 45mn., Kintamani volcano and crater lake in 45mn.

De Klumpu Bali, eco tradi place has a lot to share with the visitor seeking for the genuine Bali

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In the heart of  today’s Ubud, I follow a road to get away from the turmoil and regain the magic of a memory.

I was recommended to meet Dominique and Laurent, two French who have been living in Ubud for over 10 years and that have opened a Sushi Bar, but also a Spa, and finally a hotel composed of 6 villas, on the same spot.

In the calm of this alley I discover by chance Rouge. A tall building, a square and aerated space, a roof made of rice fiber, high, very high, a red piano at center stage, an endless bar and contemporary furniture; red, white, the color of honey. White walls.  Indonesian personnel without equal, I am welcomed in French, English and Indonesian.

I walk across the hall, toward the big red door that reveals a square and airy garden, the furniture outside to eat or relax, a giant chess board, a stone path on the water, ducks, always red.

I enter a white cube, 4 treatment rooms, a garden and water following the grooves of the black stone. On the other side of the 30 meters long pool, atmosphere South B Miami, and the white houses on each side, the calm even more present now. White and honey interior, sober and elegant, intimate outdoor green. Red house cocktail, deliciously fresh sushi.

Dominique and Laurent are the perfect hosts. I created a new memory for me, Rouge.

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We reach the village of Keliki about 15 minutes from Ubud. Traditional, bloomed, time seems to be left hanging there. A school of miniature painting attracts some curious, the road is bumpy and ends in the middle of rice fields. That's where Dominique and Laurent Rouge owners in Ubud, built 3 villas with this idea: to build their dream home.

Villa Passion, 1 bedroom, Villa Bambou, 2 bedrooms, Villa Orchids 3 bedrooms, and soon Villa Condense, 4 bedrooms.

Rice fields on steps or gentle slopes, hats that protect from the sun, the laughter of the workers, a temple hidden in the vegetation, some ducks in ranks, the table is set.

A huge stone pool and a space dedicated to massages in each villa. And above all, a dedicated and good-natured group. Every wish is anticipated, on arrival you will receive a mobile phone, the shopping list is up to you; you can also decide to go to market with the « Cordon bleu » of the villa. Gardener, caretaker, butler, you will leave them all with moist eyes.

The villas offer the same kind of architectural plan, vast, open, and bright. The materials are noble, gentle and strong at the same time. Only the color changes. Rooms with individual bathrooms indoor / outdoor very spacious.

Life is beautiful and sweet in Keliki.

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Umalas, a meeting point between the vibrant Seminyak and Canggu which has grown to be like her. To the south of the island, this is where you choose to live the Bali of today.

The main building is reserved to the owners – Sandrine, Christophe and their 4 daughters. The garden is revealed by walking, at the turn, bamboo and small houses are home to an office ; another, an extra room and an open air bathroom ; a third, Villa Artis' kitchen. The end of the garden opens to a landscape of rice fields, unexpected in this part of Bali.

Three beautiful individual suites with private terrace, decorated with exquisite taste. The pool sparkles in the sun over the rice fields. A vast authentic Joglo from Madura Island offers a place to relax and a living / dining room with air conditioning. The windows and teak doors were bargains, just like the furniture and each object, terraces and iron wood floors are from old bridges and roads in Sulawesi. The bathrooms are all outside. The cuisine is refined and healthy.

Privatisation on request, everything is possible at Villa Artis.

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