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Steam Ship Sudan
Steam Ship Sudan
  • Steam Ship Sudan
  • Steam Ship SudanMaison Voyageurs du Monde

Rescued from the water!

This is the story of this almost century-old boat. Built in the early twentieth century, this is the last survivor of Thomas Cook’s fleet of steam boats.

A journey through time, a journey within a journey. Only 23 cabins and suites, you can admire the pistons and mechanism of the paddle wheel, I remember the sound of the moorings through the locks, and the smell of wood in my cabin, the softness and color of materials. Guaranteed comfort, without ostentation, the trademark of its owner, Voyageurs du Monde.

6 days/5nights from Luxor to Aswan, and 6 days/5 nights from Aswan to Luxor,  the boat sails proud and tireless, photographed by passersby when it rests anchored. Each half day is spent exploring the banks of the Nile, the other half is contemplation, unique or renewed as inexhaustible.

The Nile is generous just like the people it nourished.

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