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Villa Bahia
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I visited Villa Bahia only once, for 24 hours, and the memory remains alive: the smell of roasted coffee in the hotel, the sounds of salsa coming from the street, the facades of the colorful houses of Pelourinho that I admire from the window of my bedroom.

Two houses gathered today in one place, the Portuguese colonial era of 17th and 18th century still there. A warm and lively house, 17 rooms renovated respecting the spirit of the place. Each evokes the connections that the city has built over time with Asia, Africa and Europe.

Nothing is fixed; on the contrary, the décor reveals with its fabrics and materials the rich history of Bahia. A roof terrace with views of the spires, two terraces to keep cool, 1 pool, 1 fountain, the senses are subtly biased.

The Bahians flock to the hotel's restaurant, renowned for its cuisine throughout the region in the broadest sense. During the renovation, the hotel has relied on Brazilian craftsmen, a number of objects and wooden furniture are from a recovery workshop, and local hardware dealers have supplied fittings, sinks and bathtubs. The Bahia fashion school has dressed the staff. The products served at the restaurant are sourced directly from the producers and are mostly organic.

I felt like visiting a Brazilian parent who I met for the first time.

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